Plan for disaster. Recover faster.

Are you prepared for a crisis that could cripple your business?

Natural disasters, breaches, and human errors happen. There’s never an opportune time. But with the right planning, you can avoid a crisis, reduce the damage, and recover quickly.

NetAssist will work with you to develop an effective plan to ensure business continuity.

  • Our on-site and off-site data backup solutions provides critical redundancy.
  • NetAssist will train your team in best practices for secure data storage and backup procedures.

Datto Business Continuity and Data Recovery

NetAssist, a Division of Camera Corner has been partners with Datto since its inception in 2007. This partnership has been invaluable to many of our customers. Datto’s comprehensive backup, recovery, and business continuity solutions fits businesses of all sizes. The image-based backup system, with devices onsite for local backups, offers extensive protection:

  • Screenshot backup verification
  • Inverse chain technology
  • Unlimited backup agents
  • Instant virtualization
  • Hybrid cloud
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See How Datto Has Helped Others


  • “We’ve been using Datto’s products for many years now. I’m very happy with the Datto backup devices and service. Backing up and recovering data is quick and simple. It’s so much better than backing up to tape, and replicating the data offsite gives me piece of mind that we will be able to recover in case of disaster. Datto keeps adding features over time that makes its product a great value. If anyone is looking for a backup and recovery solution that also includes DR capability I would highly recommend using Datto’s products.”

    Chris Rendall
    IT Manager, Team Industries

  • “We have utilized Datto for simple file restores and full server and workstation restores. The restore process is very quick and easy to accomplish and thanks to Datto the restore process can be done in minutes versus hours using other options. NetAssist has been instrumental in the setup, training and support, and we can’t imagine our business without Datto.”

    Molly McGee
    IT Director, Dean Distributing, Inc.